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DVD Full Set Sexy Fundamentals 64 Min - DVD Even the simplest movement can be sexy. Let us not forget the fundamentals of Pole Dancing starting with how to walk in heels, mesmerizing arm movements and effortless, ripple-filled body waves. Alethea Austin will guide you through the basics of moving around the pole and transitioning to the floor. These instructional DVDs are designed to help every dancer develop confidence in their sexy fundamentals. From kicks and poses to help your flexibility, to press handstands and bottom third pole combos to increase core strength, Alethea will make sure you master the fundamentals of Pole Dance in the comfort of your own home, regardless of your fitness level. Floorwork 58 Min - DVD Floorwork is home to some of the most racy and eye-catching moments in Pole Dance and is where Alethea Austin unleashes her sexiest moves and showcases her signature style. These instructional DVDs will guide you through Alethea's favorite moves and transitions on the floor designed to help both beginner and advanced dancers develop fluidity and raw sensuality in their movement. From shoe slides to the overshoulder split, this DVD demonstrates how to lift off the floor with Alethea's style. Whatever your pole aspirations are, this Floorwork program will help you gain body awareness, core strength, and controlled fluidity that will translate throughout your Pole Dance style. STRETCHING FOR POLE Stretching for pole is a program designed by pole champion Alethea Austin to gain full body flexibility and extension specifically for Pole Dancers. some of the exercises in this DVD will use your pole as a tool to aid you in stretching. focusing on warming up the body correctly and providing insider tips to maximize your stretching and gain flexibility in your back and splits. DVD Includes - Full body warm up using pole - Front and Middle Splits - Lower Back, Middle Back and Upper Back - 3 Curve Wrapping - Shoulder Flexibility - Stretches to create Clean Lines and Form in Poses - Nerve Stretches to decompress and reduce tension - Free Dance using Flexibility PURE SPLITS "Pure Splits"is exactly that, Pure Splits sounds like. Every Pole Dancer wants flat splits not only on the ground but up in the air. This DVD is a training program developed by Alethea Austin focusing on lengthening and strengthening leg and hip muscles. I have found that there is a misconception that you just have to sit in your splits until you get them. Pure Splits will give you many different active and static stretches to get you to your goal of a pure flat split in the air. DVD Includes: - Full Body Warmups - Stretching for Straddles Open V - Deep Stretching for Front Splits and Middle Split - Showing Beginner Through Over Split Advanced Option - Using Pole to help Stretch a Range of Splits - Free Dance incorporating Stretching into Everyday Pole Dance

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