LUPIT POLE Classic G2 (fri frakt)

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OBS: Frakt INGÅR i priset

Nya och förbättrade Lupit Classic G2 i Krom eller rostfritt.

För höjderna 2300 mm - 2800 mm direkt ur lådan, möjlighet att köpa förlängning upp för takhöjd upp till 3300 mm.

Statiskt eller spinner-läge.

Last two years in our technical laboratory, we have been testing different steel alloys and surface finishing technologies in order to develop the pole with a chrome finish which is safer to use. We came out with totally new tube material and innovations applied to the product, which is now 100% Nickel Allergy Free, with a sustainable surface, 100% peeling and chipping free surface and incredible grip. Only Lupit Pole exclusively presents this revolutionary product.

Spin-static, multi-piece, removable, portable dance pole. LP Chrome finish is more “grippy”, so is a very good choice for beginners or people with slippery hands, as it is more forgiving of weaker handgrip strengths. It has an excellent grip and has a very smooth texture. Pole has been designed for quick installation without drilling, in just a few minutes by a single person. Quality surface, unique upper disc Flex System and NEW Safety Block Nut ensure quick installation and maximum safety to the dancer.


Removable, multi-piece dance pole Spinning and Static mode Quick installation without drilling Smooth and Unique tube Joint system Upper disc flex system absorbs bending force and distribute it equally Smooth pole design all the way

Extendable for ceilings from 2300mm/ 7fz 6.55in to 2800mm/ 9ft 2.24in - basic kit, with extra extension to maximum 3300mm/ 10ft 9.92in. NOTE: extension has to be bought separately, it is not a part of a basic kit. Quadruple ball bearing system for topspin New Safety thread lock blocks nut blocks the pole against loosening High CHROME finish surface, EU origin STEEL alloy.

LATEST UPDATES: - BETTER SPIN, as a consequence of improved joint system and upgraded bearing systems

- INCREASED STABILITY: fewer extensions for the same height & increased max. height to 3300mm/ 9ft. 2.2in.

- EASIER INSTALLATION & SAFER THREAD LOCK: changed technology for thread block, without impractical and large key tools, and hard tightening of the blocking nuts.

- SMOOTHER DESIGN: the cover fits the lower part - no more gap, the cover does not get unscrewed during the exercise

- New environmental boxing

Beställningsvara. Cirka 2-4 veckors leveranstid.

Produkten lades till tisdag den 07 april, 2020.

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